Coconut Oil Benefits and Homeschool Stuff

This week over at Salt Lake City Our City Radio I talked about Jeffrey C. Olsen's new book I Knew Their Hearts.  I also shared an event that Jeff will be doing with Dave Blanchard, Chad Hymas and Shantel McBride at the end of September.  And finally, I talked about Coconut Oil - the popcorn enhancing elixir of the tropics.  It's been a slower week.  Last weekend we took a mini-vacay to Snowmass Village, Colorado to visit our friends.  We picnicked by the Maroon Bells and enjoyed the cooler weather.  Our Indy-dog was in heaven running around in the mountains.  

We came back late Monday night after sending my niece off with a farewell dinner.  She heads to Jerusalem for a semester abroad through the BYU Jerusalem Center.  Jealous!  I had to pack her up to make sure that she didn't take 15 different colored bottles of nail polish with her.  

"Use the shoes!" I hollered as I shoved her 11 pairs of shoes with socks and underwear.  

She's young.  She'll learn someday!

Then we resumed homeschooling on Tuesday, where we worked on a variety of subjects, including learning about Liverpool and The Beatles, a bunch of math stuff, and read the Little House series, Harry Potter Year One, and Kaya, along with The Josefina's Story Quilt.  We read a great deal about a great deal of stuff. 

A bit of lovely news - the weather has turned slightly cooler.  Next week we start our group homeschool stuff.  Yay!  Friends!

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