Subjects and Predicates

Today I had the fantastic opportunity to teach my 9 year old son about Subjects and Predicates.  Here is what is interesting about doing school all over again.  You realize that in the 30 some odd years since you yourself learned about subjects and predicates, you have never once looked at a sentence and said, "There's that subject....and there's that predicate."  

In fact, I had entirely forgotten what a predicate was.  Amazing how I have functioned all of these years without remembering that I learned it once.  How does that make me feel?  It took me about 15 minutes to teach my son about it.  Long enough to read a few sentences and figure it out and then go on to read about the four types of sentences.  Much more interesting.

The English language is the reason that I am not fluent in Spanish.  I never could figure out past tense, present tense, past know what I mean?  If I couldn't really grasp it in English, Spanish was downright petrifying.  And today when I am speaking and reading I never wonder what tense I am in.  I just...speak and read.  And try to use correct grammar based on the 18 years of life that my mother corrected me.

It's funny how much more math is making sense now that I am trying to teach my kids English. 

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