Homeschool Cupboard

I am finally accepting the fact that my kids aren't going to go and blissfully study in the huge homeschool room that I set up in our basement.  They really just want to do their stuff at the dining room table, which you can see from the front door.  ACK!  So, I spent some time rearranging things, and moved all of the nice plates, glasses, etc., into the hall closet.  Then I moved some stuff into the linen closet...and the front closet.  Basically, I shifted things around so that I could create a space where I keep all of their stuff for this year.

I can close the doors.  That was critical as well.  If people come I have a place to shove things, but right now it is organized.  I'm not one of those pinterest people who go out and spend $200 on organizing stuff.  I like to SEE things and grab them quickly (which explains why my house is always a disaster).  I'm working on reducing our general household inventory by about 50% in the coming year, because I feel a slave to the stuff.  We got rid of cable and I haven't missed it.  I just want to reduce, reuse, recycle, and breath a sigh of relief.

Did I mention we have 5 ski bibs for the kids.  They didn't put a single one on last year because we didn't have any snow worth playing in.  Hopefully this year that will be a different story.

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