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This week I interviewed Bradley Cooper. Just kidding! I wish, except I know that if I did I would be so nervous that I would probably scream.  I just screamed when I almost slipped on a marble.  

Instead, I interviewed Erin Ann McBride, author of my new favorite book You Heard it Here First.  I loved this book.  I like cheesy romance combined with witty and intellectual.  The political scandal appealed to my intellectual (I learned a great deal about finance!), and the romance appealed to the hopeless, giddy, teenager in me.   

I also wrote about my friend's company, Daffe Designs.  She has some really cute stuff and I may have her do my kids' Christmas pajamas this year.  I mean, seriously - soft union pajamas with their initials in plaid?  I think my heart just skipped a Holiday beat.

Other than that, I am spending most of my time in creation and production, wrapping up the first module of the NEW Sanity Health Challenge.  This is a bit different!  It doesn't have to do with weight loss....


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