It's Close to Midnight

I am not actually up this late (having intended to go to bed at 9pm when my kids went down) because I have a purpose.  I am totally just wasting time.  Precious time that I could be sleeping.  Instead I am looking up places to go for our 10th Wedding Anniversary because we have to do something.  We haven't had a getaway since Hawaii a few years ago and even then we spent a lot of our time with my college roommates because we were there for a wedding.  We usually multi-task in the travel department.

So here are the choices:

Grand America
Waldorf Astoria Park City

The point is to get away and do not much of anything, but that seems sort of boring.  There would (in theory) be more to do in Salt Lake City than in Park City, but the shows going on over our anniversary are Oliver and Of Mice and Men.  Seriously?  Not even slightly romantic, and I can't imagine seeing Oliver again after performing it in the 8th grade.  

What say you?

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