Math Homeschool Curriculum Gratitude

I should have known better than to try to reinvent the wheel, however, sometimes it takes a lot of research to get there.  On Friday my son's Math Curriculum arrived.  He took the placement test for this program a few months ago for his grade level (he is in 3rd grade) and finished it in 10 minutes and got 100%.  What can I say?  His dad is a Computer Science nerd and he's good at Math.  It did not come from my genes...going back at least four generations on all sides. 

I sat on the oh-crap-he-is-going-to-get-ahead and if this homeschool thing is a huge flop then what do I do fence for several weeks.  I had him do the placement test for 4th grade and he finished in 20 minutes and got 100% except for one section.  I didn't feel right about going into 5th grade so I figured 4th grade it is.  Then I finally pulled that Math trigger. 

Unfortunately, Teaching Textbooks does not go as low as 1st grade so I went with Math U See for my daughter.  That package arrived today (it's like Christmas around here) and I took a look at it.  My daughter is not naturally gifted at Math.  She would rather sing and color.  I got her the Alpha program and even though I think she has been exposed to all of it, I am comfortable having her really get it and weave her way through Math at her own pace.  My son will probably finish his Math program within a few months because it is fun for him

Next up:  I am not doing a Spelling program.  GASP!

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