How to Lose Weight with Ocean Avenue Shakes

How to Lose Weight with Ocean Avenue Shakes

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to learn how to lose weight with Ocean Avenue Shakes from Franco Cavaleri himself.  Franco is a warm, kind, and caring individual who truly has passion for these products he has created.  He believes in them because they saved his life.  He wants to share them with the world and Ocean Avenue is now the vehicle where he can do that.  Imagine what that would be like for you - you spend your life creating products that can change lives, and in an instant they are shared with the world.  He is living the dream and now we get to live it with him and benefit because he stepped up and shared this gift with the world.  As we start to hear the stories of how these products have helped people in pain,  we will see that Franco Cavaleri has become the change that he wished to see in the world.

I just spent the past weekend at the Women Information Network Global Women's Summit.  I had the opportunity to meet some women who are in the trenches of learning their passion so that they, too, can share it with the world.  For some women it had to do with health and wellness.  Other women want to help families and children.  One woman was in her 60s and has learned to daytrade and has made significant amounts of money and wants to help other women do it, too.  Women helping women in real ways that can really shift their focus from local to global and back to local.  Big things are coming that I can't share, yet, but this past weekend was absolutely life altering for me.  I feel like I went from playing at what I thought was a big level to launching with a catapult into the stratosphere.  I can't wrap my head around the opportunities that are coming and I can't stop getting emotional every time I think about how blessed and grateful I am for the trust that God is placing in me.   

Ocean Avenue Products start shipping soon.  Huge leaders are joining.  This is the biggest team in Ocean Avenue.  Come join us and find your wave!

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