What is Glutathione? WheyBeyond Ocean Avenue Shakes

What is Glutathione?

Most chronic diseases are associated with low levels of glutathione.  Watch this clip from the Dr. Oz show and what they say about what glutathione.  It is the most powerful anti-oxidant that you have probably never heard of.  Listen to Yale University's Director of Prevention Research Center.  The body makes glutathione, and the body relies on it to clean up critical toxins.  When you have low glutathione levels, you can suffer chronic fatigue and disease.  Dr. Katz talks about a patient that has Parkinson's Disease who gets an infusion of glutathione.  It has stopped the progression of his Parkinsons!  

Who else endorses Glutathione and talks about the fact that it is a huge deficiency?  

Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The Blood Sugar Solution.  He says in the Huffington Post, that glutathione is the most important antioxidant that we could have in our diets.  In fact, in his 9 tips to Optimize Your Glutathione Levels in the article, he specifically talks about bioactive whey protein called undenatured whey, which is found in WheyBeyond!  Our body actually produces it, but as we age and are exposed to toxins, our ability to produce it decreases, which leaves us subject to disease, so taking these supplements and keeping our diet as toxin free as possible is going to literally keep us younger.

What is the Ocean Avenue WheyBeyond Shake?

WheyBeyond is the highest biological value protein on the planet; a revolutionary immune system and glutathione performance supplement with added real berry fruit ORAC value. Even better, I had the opportunity to drink it through the weekend and I loved it!  I cannot wait to get started using it with my 90 day challenge starting next week.  Come join us!

Sign up at www.wheytolose.com to learn more about glutathione and how WheyBeyond can help you. 

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