Kim Flynn Review: Coaching for cheap!

My business coach, Kim Flynn, is currently offering super cheap webinar coaching each month!  It's $3 for the first month and $5 for each additional month.

Why you should do this:  Whether you have a business or not, this is a fantastic way to just run your life!  It will give you life management skills that will be very valuable - especially if you are struggling to stay organized.

Why else you should do this:  While Kim's Business Intensive Retreats are absolutely incredible for teaching you nuts and bolts marketing and sales systems, they aren't for everyone.  If you are just getting started in a business, or want to come up with a business idea, this will get you organized so that you can get things off the ground.

And finally:  Kim is really great to work with and is very serious about helping women in business.  Her 7 Principles of Alignment and Time Map can help ANYONE see where their life is out of alignment and how to manage their time.  Good stuff!

Click here to sign up!

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