Ocean Avenue Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan

Ocean Avenue Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan

The new Ocean Avenue Business Opportunity has a 10 Point Compensation plan that includes both a binary and unilevel structure.  It is $49 to start as an Ambassador with Ocean Avenue.  There are 3 packages that are builder packages for people who are coming into Ocean Avenue in order to build a business.  There are also initial product packages that start at $129 for people who want to start at the lowest level and work their way up.  There is also the opportunity to buy products at Wholesale, and that includes the amazing 3X free program.  If you are a Wholesale Customer and you have 3 people who buy from you, you don't have to pay for your products and you don't have to build a team.  The combination of binary and unilevel is what truly differentiates Ocean Avenue in the industry.  Binary is great for new leaders, but not as good for people who are just getting started in the network marketing industry.  That is why having the combination works well for all.

Get Paid 10% on Both Legs of Your Binary

Getting paid 10% on both legs doubles the earning potential, so that it doesn't matter if one binary leg is larger than the other.  The compensation plan also includes dynamic compression.  If someone joins Ocean Avenue and only sponsors two people, that ambassador can still make a large amount of commissions if only one leg goes to work.  For leaders, there is a four level matching structure.  You are matching on the unilevel income.  There is also a generational match for everyone in your unilevel tree that makes it to the level of Pearl.  

In a nutshell - it is possible for people to ultimately earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month with Ocean avenue!  For more information about Ocean Avenue, and to receive your free Kid Health Activity and Top 10 Health Tips, sign up below!

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