Kim Flynn Academy Review - Diary of a Cook

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I first met Kim Flynn in October 2010.  The first time I actually saw her, she was on stage being hypnotized by Gerald Rogers, and was terrified of a pink bear.  That made quite an impression, of course.  Funny thing about life - you never know where it will take you.  Two years later I am in a cooking and baking frenzy, gearing up to be the cook at Kim's Leadership Academy this weekend.  Back then I was an owner in a Recruiting company.  Today I have discovered my passion as a Health Coach that helps parents teach their kids solid principles of health through fun activities.  Who knew?! 

The point is - leave your life open for opportunities.  I have been working with Kim both personally and professionally over the past 6 months and have loved every minute of it.  So I was really excited when she asked me if I wanted to join her team and cook some of my best stuff at her academies.

I'm no stranger to cooking for large groups, but man, the pressure!  They want healthy with a side of chocolate covered pomegranates from Costco.  They want arugula on their pizza and sugar free muffins.  Bossy people!  However, I love them all. 

If it all goes downhill, I will wow them with my gourmet popcorn and they won't realize just how healthy they have eaten, right? 

Or I will throw chocolate covered pomegranates and distract them.    

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