Ocean Avenue Tour with Founder Staci Ninow

Ocean Avenue Tour with Founder Staci Ninow

Staci Ninow is the type of woman that you want for your mother, your sister, your aunt, cousin, or best friend.  As one of the Ocean Avenue founders, she is passionate about the company and what it will bring to the world.  I sat down with Staci to interview her about the vision of Ocean Avenue.  Ocean Avenue is a company that puts family first.  From their vacation club to their planned kid conventions to their partner company, Shine Brite Kids, they have created plans to incorporate the entire family in the business.  Staci loves network marketing, because it provides an opportunity for people who don't fit in a corporate mold to build and develop their own business based on products they love.  She gives credit to God for how Ocean Avenue was created, and told me the story of how everything fell into place at exactly the right time.  They were even about to launch a completely different venture when they met Franco Cavaleri and saw what they could build.  When she talks about the experience she is giddy, but with tears of gratitude for the opportunity.  Staci realizes that the opportunity to be an Ocean Avenue Ambassador isn't for everyone, but she hopes that people will take a look at what they are doing to really make changes for health around the world.  

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