Ocean Avenue Chief Science Officer: Franco Cavaleri

Ocean Avenue Chief Science Officer: Franco Cavaleri

Ocean Avenue Chief Science Officer Franco Cavaleri is new to network marketing, but not new to developing products.  Franco has been working on different products for 15 years, specifically to help his own performance in body building.  His focus was to help with weight training recovery.  In this video he tells his story and how his own products helped him avoid surgery from Ulcerative Collitis, and go on to win major bodybuilding competitions.   He became so ill that his body wasn't responding to traditional medicine.  He was going to have his large intestine removed in order to alleviate the inflammation.  He realized that the products he had created had either contributed to it, or were helping it.  He documented his training meticulously in notes, including the weights he used and the foods he used.  He realized that the products that he was using that he had created were subduing the symptoms!  

Within 3-5 days of starting to use his product again, he recovered.  A year later he won Mr. North America.  The product that he had created was from an herb that is well known for helping with inflammation.  He was able to perfect the pharmacology and fine tune the ingredient.  He decided that rather than go professional, he wanted to pursue his passion and create products that would benefit others.  His supplement, Empower, is particularly designed to help people with inflammation. 

Franco Cavaleri Receives High Praise for his Book, Potential Within

In 2003 his book, Potential Within, was published.  Dr. Michael Colgan Ph.D C.C.N. wrote the foreword for Franco's book.  Dr. Colgan is one of the world’s most popular scientific experts in nutrition. He is a best selling author and travels the world lecturing on anti-aging, sports nutrition and hormonal health.  His professional memberships include, the American College of Sports Medicine, the New York Academy of Sciences and the British Society for Nutritional Medicine. He is on the Council of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, the certifying authority for nutrition, and on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Applied Nutrition. Dr. Colgan has also been a consultant to the US National Institute on Aging and the New Zealand Government. 

About Franco Cavaleri he says:

      "Franco Cavaleri shows us in no uncertain terms, punctuated with abundant evidence from peer reviewed research, how we can use the signals from natural chemicals to achieve optimum health and performance.  These are the chemicals that have been present on Earth throughout our evolution.  These are the chemicals that our DNA code grew from to create every protein and lipid that constitutes the human body.  These are the chemicals that today we call “nutrients”, each one of whom stimulates expression of genes to make every, membrane, muscle, bone, organ, and brain cell that makes and remakes you every living day.  As Franco shows, neglect them at your peril.
       "I am especially impressed by Franco’s understanding and forward thinking about the insulin system and its tight and far-reaching control over the function of organs, glands and brain.  Against considerable opposition, for example, for more than a decade, Franco has advocated the use of the mineral vanadium, and the amino acid taurine, as essential to optimum insulin function.  Recent strong, controlled research in 2008, showing recovery of insulin control in adult-onset diabetes by use of these nutrients, vindicates his advocacy."

Franco Cavaleri's products are soon to be released to the market through Ocean Avenue's Ambassadors.  To learn more about Ocean Avenue, the products, and the opportunity, please go to:

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