Ocean Avenue Ambassador: Barbara Christensen

Ocean Avenue Ambassador: Barbara Christensen

Barbara Christensen is my GO-TO Certified Personal Trainer and coach when I want to know if a product is good or not.  When I first heard about Ocean Avenue products, I sent the link to Barbara and said, "Do your magic!  What will this do for us?"  Barbara went to work and did the research, and she was amazed at how fantastic the Ocean Avenue products are, as well as the vision for the company.  She wrote out the benefits of Undenatured Whey based on her research, and got excited really quickly about what the WheySmart Ocean Avenue Shake will do for her clients.  Barbara has been a health and wellness coach for over a decade.  Undenatured whey is different from they whey isolate.  It is less processed, anti-inflammatory, and will help with weight loss, weight maintenance, and will also help with digestion.  She is particularly excited about Empower, which not only helped creator Franco Cavaleri, but also our friend, Ryan Ninow

Ocean Avenue Products Will Start Selling October 2012

Ocean Avenue products are currently in pre-launch.  They will start shipping to Ambassadors who sign up to sell Ocean Avenue the 3rd week of October.  Ocean Avenue is a brand new well-funded start up network marketing company.  It was launched by Fred Ninow and Ken Dunn on October 1, 2012, and the explosive growth that it has seen already from people fired up about the opportunity is amazing.  Not only does the company have 10 ways for Ambassadors to earn money with the compensation plan, but it is a family focused company.  During the annual conventions, there will also be kid conventions.  Ocean Avenue is involved in charity work as well as providing a values based education for children.  When you join as an Ambassador with Ocean Avenue, you will receive 8 licenses for a new values based online program for children to use.  More details on that coming soon!  

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