30 Days of Thanks - Day 9 Besties

We're 40, my bestie and me.  We have officially known each other since Season 2 of 90210.  The first 90210, not the remake.  Why they felt the need to remake something that ended 10 years ago is beyond me.  Anyway, today it snowed six inches and she happened to be home from school because of Parent Teacher Conferences, so once I finished up with work she picked me up so that I couldn't get stuck on the road and we went to her house.  The kids played out back in the snow while we ate and watched four episodes of Friday Night Lights.  It was perfect.  I have been working and homeschooling from 7am to 9pm every night this week.  I needed a break.  

My world is largely full of entrepreneurs who move at a very fast pace, but my bestie is mellow (except when cleaning) and anchors me back to earth.  She is amused by my 37 ideas a day, and usually just listens and nods and figures I will work it all out in my head at some point.  We both love movies, Mexican food, Kneaders, talking, and reading.  And exercising.  And chocolate.  

People think we are twins.  I'm actually not kidding.  We really don't look alike.  We never get asked if we are sisters, but a few times a year get asked if we are twins.  Weird.

I'm grateful for my bestie.

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