How Ocean Avenue Shakes Can Help with Health Care Costs

How Ocean Avenue Shakes Can Help with Health Care Costs

Ocean Avenue Shakes are designed to build immunity, help with weight loss, and combat inflammation.  With health care costs rising rapidly, and no one really knowing what is going to happen in the future with our health care system, our best offense is to take control of our health at a personal level.  And that means evaluating what we put in our bodies when it comes to food!  It means working as a family to create a health care plan for your home. 

What I love about Ocean Avenue Products is that the shakes are safe for kids.  For the past year I have regularly given my kids shakes and smoothies instead of a gummy multivitamin that is typically made out of sugar.  They didn't love green smoothies when we started, but after a few weeks they started to crave them.  They started choosing what fruits and greens they wanted in them.  Last year we went the winter without doctor visits because of illness.  At $20+ per copay I was happy about that, since if one of us gets sick it usually ends up with all of us getting sick. 

Did you know that you can get your Ocean Avenue Shakes at a wholesale price?  To sign up as a wholesale customer is $50, and then you get the discount!  Then you can make extra $ by selling to friends at retail price.  If you sell 3x your own product in one month, your product is free.  I would much rather spend money on yummy shakes that improve my health, than co-pays that end up in prescriptions for anti-biotics.  

When you sign up as a Wholesale Customer, you don't build a downline.  You don't get involved with the network marketing side.  You just simply get the discount and have the opportunity to sell if you want to.  If you later decide you want to build a team and build residual income, you can convert to an Ambassador.   When you join my team as an Ambassador, you are joining the fastest growing team in Ocean Avenue!  Contact me at 801-432-0105 for more information!

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