30 Days of Thanks - Day Five Cousins

I am one of 15 cousins on my mom's side of the family (14 are pictured here - the oldest was killed in a car accident in 1990) and every face in this picture I love more than life itself.  This is the team I grew up with in Arizona.  Every man in this picture who is older than me has given me a Priesthood blessing at some point in my life.  One uncle baptized me.  I lived with another aunt and uncle in college.  I am lucky enough to see everyone in this picture at least once a year, sometimes more.  

There are 9 girls and 6 boys so we have always won and dominated and ruled.  Ha!  We range in age from 40 to 28.  I am the oldest girl.  Together we have 29 children (which includes 2 on the way).  We live in Utah, Arizona, Ohio, and Maryland.  

These are the 5 boys that we still have around.  They live in Utah, Arizona, Minnesota, and North Dakota.  Today is the oldest's 45th birthday.  I would say that is old, but he finds out the gender of his 8th child today so that should keep him young!  

What I love about my cousins is that we can love each other, argue with each other, cry together, and laugh together.  I never laugh harder than when I am with my crazy cousins, that is for sure!

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