30 Days of Thanks - Day Two Marriage

Ten years ago today I married my sweetheart.  After a whirlwind romance where we officially dated for 12 solid days, he asked me to marry him.  When Dave and I met we made no impression on each other.  It was six months later when he helped my roommate and me move that I paid attention.  He was funny in a quiet way.  He was kind, compassionate, service-oriented, and gentle with my heart.  He knew what he wanted and never played games.  We fell in love and 10 years later we are still Made for Each Other.

Soon after we got married I got pregnant with our first child.  My pregnancy was hard - everything that could go wrong, did.  As newlyweds it could have been even more challenging, but Dave, being the most selfless person I know, weathered through the morning sickness, the exhaustion, the gestational diabetes, the pre-eclampsia, and then 30 hours of labor ending in a c-section.  

Six months after our son was born we moved across the country to be closer to family.  We lived in an apartment for six months while building our home.  So in the first two years of marriage we had quite a few major life changes.  In fact, all 10 years have brought many ups and downs and changes in life, but not in our marriage.  

Dave is my rock.  He is the love of my life.  Anyone who knows us well knows that he is the anchor while I am the speed boat.  He supports me in every crazy idea (thought he will tell me that I am crazy) and lets me succeed or crash and burn (and learn) without judgment.  

And even today, our anniversary, with our little girl throwing up and all of our weekend plans changed, he smiled at me and said, "I am still so glad I married you."

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  1. Happy Anniversary you too! You guys are such a great couple:)