30 Days of Thanks - Day Two Dave's Family

These are my in-laws and I am very grateful for them.  I grew up with sisters and my husband grew up with brothers.  Funny, but my only sister-in-law grew up with sisters, too.  I have spent 10 years navigating the waters of boys and I have to say, I absolutely love my brothers-in-law.  

Today Curt took us to lunch (and we called him).  We went to a fantastic Thai restaurant (that I will be doing a review for on SLC Our City Radio).  Curt has filled in as a last minute babysitter for us multiple times.  He is amazing with our kids - plays with them and doesn't allow them to get away with stuff at the same time. 

Whenever I think of Kelly, I think of the first time he spent time around our son.  He was just a baby and Kelly said, "How do you get anything done?  I can't stop watching him."  Kelly also was willing to change diapers and built a beautiful changing table for our son and a rocking chair for our daughter.  He lives in Alaska so we only see him sporadically, but my kids adore him and he is willing to do somersaults.

Rob actually lived with us when I was pregnant with our daughter.  He is the baby brother and an avid fan of the University of Utah.  Rob has also been willing to babysit and I especially love him for marrying Jessica.  Rob and Jess are really cute with our kids and we can't wait for them to have their own someday.

One of my favorite memories of my father-in-law, Rick, was when I was in the hospital after having our daughter.  He is retired Air Force and worked in the medical field.  I remember him being so kind and caring when I was recovering.

Then there is my mother-in-law.  Nancy is such a wonderful example to me of faith and obedience.  She is kind, compassionate, and has spent countless hours asking my questions on everything from wood-working to gardening to cooking.  After ten years of being around her I love that I call her my mother-in-law and my friend, and that she is always willing to give me advice, recommend books, and be there when I need her. 

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  1. It was very hard to hand my son over to you since I only met you a couple of days before the wedding and know you would love and care for him as much as I did, but as the years have passed I see the love he has for you and I know you have that same love for him and our grandchildren...we have butted heads a few times but as I try harder I discover things I did not know and come to know and love you more..I'm glad you are part of our family