Ocean Avenue Empower Testimonials

Ocean Avenue Empower Testimonials

Testimonial Time!! Kelly Adams has been a horse trainer for the past 40 years. Quite the occupation for getting beat up most days. He has also been an Industrial Brick Layer for the past 12 years. Again an occupation causing constant aches and pains in shoulders, elbows, and his back.

He has been taking 1 Empower capsule everyday for a little over a week.  Kelly's wife,  Heidi, asked him this morning if he thought it was helping. After some thought he said "Yes I haven't had any pain in my shoulders or elbows for the last few days." In the past the only thing that would help his elbow pain was a shot of cortisone.

As for his back - he was lifting 24" x 30" patio blocks yesterday and will be again today so we'll wait a few days to ask again. After all the tack room floor has to get put in!!

If you want to learn more about Ocean Avenue Empower, talk to Heidi!

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