Ocean Avenue WheySmart Shake Review

Ocean Avenue WheySmart Shake Review

This is my personal Ocean Avenue WheySmart Shake Review based on using the product for the past few weeks.  I will start with this - the vanilla bean flavor is fantastic!  I'm a shake junkie, and have used many different types of protein powders as well as Shakeology, the king of supplement shakes.  What I love about the Ocean Avenue WheySmart Shake is that it is a light and creamy flavor, and does not taste like chemicals.  I mix it with bananas and strawberries in the morning, along with a cup of almond milk or coconut milk, and a cup of water.  The strawberries are frozen.  I used to really gag over vanilla protein, and I am not interested in mixing low quality protein powder in with my smoothies.  I learned that lesson after wasting $ on crappy products.  I always avoid any protein powder or meal replacement shake that has soy protein or corn.  Even if the claim is non-GMO.  One of my mentors, Barbara Christensen, has talked extensively on just how bad soy is for you when it is not fermented. 

Ocean Avenue WheySmart is Half the Cost of Shakeology

As I mentioned, I love Beachbody's Shakeology.  This isn't a WheySmart vs. Shakeology issue.  Shakeology is a fantastic product, but it is expensive.  While it does essentially replace your multivitamin, it also has twice the calories of Ocean Avenue WheySmart.  It also has more grams of sugar and more carbohydrates.  Shakeology is more of a whole meal replacement shake that replenishes lost nutrients from heavy workouts, while WheySmart is truly designed for weight loss.  The very best part is that my kids LOVE Wheysmart. 

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