Ocean Avenue Shakes and Products: Four Key Points on Each Product

Ocean Avenue Shakes and Products:  Four Key Points on Each Product

4 Key Points On Each WAV Product

1- 15 grams of pure natural protein 
2- It raises your glutathione, which builds your body’s natural immune system by helping clean out your cells of the toxins that build up in them. As you get older your natural glutathione levels go down, so you need to take another source of it. 
3- It is so pure because of the process of creating it.  It has a very high level of bioavailability, which means as soon as you take it, it immediately gets to work and your body starts absorbing it.   
4- It helps with recovery from workouts or just daily activities.

1- It has13 grams of proteins with fibers and greens (meal supplement). 
2- It releases nutrients throughout the day like an arc, so there is no quick boost followed by a crash. 
3- It is great for kids, adults, and the elderly.
4- It works well with weight management (if used properly it can help with weight loss). 

1- An anti inflammatory "curcumin" (All diseases are caused by inflammation).
2- It doesn't merely block pain; it actually goes into the genetic level to impact the problem. 
3- It helps with aches, pains in the joints, etc.
4- It aids in recovery from day-to-day activities or vigorous activities.

1- It raises serotonin in your brain, helping your mental fortitude. 
2- It helps with weight loss/management.
3- It is a fat burner. 
4- It acts as an antidepressant and helps with type 2 diabetes by controlling blood sugar. 

1- It provides 6 hours of energy.
2- It is all natural.
3- It is a pre-workout supplement.
4- It works direct to mouth.

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