How Do I Use Ocean Avenue Focus Energy Powder

How do I use the Focus Energy powder from Ocean Avenue?  

That is a great question!  For the past couple of months I have just opened it up and threw back the focus powder like a pixie stick, trying not to gag.  There is a reason I don't like pixie sticks!  I tried dissolving it in water, but I didn't love that, either.  Then this morning, necessity was the mother of invention.  Even though it is a Saturday morning and my kids should instinctively know that sleeping in is required, they decided to be up bright and early slamming doors and running in the hallway, right outside my bedroom.  After unleashing a mean and growling mom, I tried to go back to bed with no success.  I finally stumbled into the kitchen and started making my Ocean Avenue WheySmart Shake.  I threw in a banana and frozen cherries in hopes that it would help with my energy.  I have a busy day ahead of me and no time for a nap.  Then I saw the Focus packet and thought, "Why not?"  I threw it in my shake and started blending it.  Voila!  It worked!  I tasted a slight hint of orange, but it wasn't grainy at all and there weren't any clumps.  

What is In Ocean Avenue Focus Energy Powder?

Ocean Avenue Focus is a powerhouse of B vitamins that give you sustained energy for six hours with crashes or jitters.  FOCUS delivers a payload of key amino acids like taurine to support insulin, brain and cardiovascular activity; tyrosine to support resilience to stress and improve performance while under stress; and DL phenylalanine to help improve resilience to pain and improve mood and mind health.  FOCUS delivers a natural caffeine dose that is accompanied by the protective theanine. Theanine promotes a calming effect in the brain and a nitric oxide support to the cardiovascular system to improve peripheral blood flow. What you feel from a delicious dose of FOCUS is a heightened awareness, focus and mind lift that is controlled.

The result of theanine's synergistic effect in FOCUS is an improved oxygenation of brain and muscle and protection of brain and cardiovascular tissues.  Use FOCUS as part of the pre-workout as a pre-run, or pre-walk strategy. Take FOCUS to get you over that afternoon slump, and you'll find the focus and vigor you need to get you through your busy day.

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