Les Mills Combat: Day Two Review of Power HIIT

Les Mills Combat:  Day Two Review of Power HIIT

Oh how I am loving Les Mills Combat after just two days.  Dan and Rachael are definitely out to get me.  I have done HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for years, ever since my hardcore friend Keysha first told me about it.  I even did it with TurboFire regularly (Desiree is my witness).  And yes, it gets your heartrate up, no doubt about it.  However, let's talk about HIIT vs. Les Mills Combat Power HIIT, because it's like comparing a grape to a watermelon.  

They start you off with all sorts of running in place and squats before you pick up the heaviest weights possible to do what seems like 100 clean and press moves.  At a faster pace than the clean and press that you do in Les Mills Pump workouts.  My heartrate went through the roof just in time to bring it back down.  That's the first ten minutes.  Then you get to do a bazillion burpees and pushups.  And more squats.  And more burpees and squats.  In fact, my friend Barbara's husband Paul had some choice words to say about the moves in Power HIIT, and he's doing Body Beast

Now, don't panic.  There is a modified version of this that even Desiree could do without ending up in a fetal position in the corner.  And I did have my Ocean Avenue Empower to rely on for extreme soreness (it REALLY works) and my WheyBeyond as a recovery shake.  It's like a reward for all of my hard work.

And I am just at day two.  58 days to go.  And then I get to start all over.

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