Ocean Avenue Waverunners

Ocean Avenue Waverunners is the name of my Ocean Avenue team.  In the past 5 weeks it has grown to a fantastic team of 20, and we have an amazing group of people learning about the products and the opportunity in our Facebook group.  One member of the team is a rockstar when it comes to researching the ingredients in each Ocean Avenue product, as well as the benefits of those ingredients.  Another member of the team is focusing on Fitness Over 50, helping women with unique issues that hit at a later age.  There is a woman who lives in Canada, who lives on a horse ranch and trains with her husband who has seen amazing results with Ocean Avenue Empower.  Still another member of the team lives in New York in a Jewish community where many of her customers are waiting for the Ocean Avenue products to become certified kosher, which is coming!  This is just an incredible group of supportive people.  I am so grateful to be working with them, and seeing the changes that are taking place as they use the Ocean Avenue shakes and products.  If you are interested in learning more, please click here!

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