Sanity Health Challenge Phase Two - Launching January

Sanity Health Challenge Phase Two - Launching January

For the past several months I have been working on the Sanity Health Challenge Phase Two.  I have shifted the message a bit, and now it focuses on the mental part of getting healthy as a family, instead of the physical part.  It is also now in a password protected website that you get the link for after purchase.  I am building out a team to help me run it as well, so that the people who join will have even more support.  

My focus over the past year has shifted dramatically as I have learned a great deal about health and wellness.  I still don't eat meat, although I do eat fish on occasion.  I try to stick to once a week with cheese, because we just don't agree on my consumption of it.  When I say I don't eat meat, people assume I am a Vegan, but I'm not - I just eat what makes me feel the best.  Then again, I don't always do that!  I'm human.  

It has been nice to let up on myself a bit.  I have loved the growth I have experienced this year.  I love the people I have met and the friendships I have forged.  I really love the peace that I now have inside me, even when life is chaotic.  I went from leaving a company that I helped build from the ground up, to being in a state of having no idea what I wanted to do, to now having an extremely exciting opportunity with the largest global women's network in the world.  Literally - the world.  

What I feel is gratitude for the people who have been my safety net.  The other night I went to an event where Shantel McBride was speaking.  To paraphrase, she said, "I have surrounded myself with people who make it impossible for me to fail."  That is how I feel.  I am very blessed!

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