Gratitude Journal: January 11, 2013

Last night I was up late working on projects for The WIN, and just couldn't relax.  I decided I would take a hot bath, which I never do because I generally don't like to, and threw in a few drops of lavender oil.  It was quite amazing how quickly I almost dozed off in the bathtub.  Normally lavender doesn't relax me all that well, and it is peppermint on my head that helps me to calm down.  I know - backwards, but apparently those of us with adult ADD sometimes have that issue.  Now I know that when lavender is in hot water and it is midnight that it does, in fact, put me to sleep.  I know this because I pretty much slept through the alarm until 8:00am this morning.  

1 - I am grateful for a solid and deep night of sleep.  I'm grateful that I have an Ocean Avenue Shake to wake up to.

2 - I am grateful for a snowy Friday with BYU choirs playing and the kids working on their writing, spelling and vocabulary.

3 - I am grateful to live in a community that works together.  We had a missing teenager in our neighborhood this week.  Thankfully, she has been found.  Over 1,000 volunteers turned out to search for her. 

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