Franco Cavaleri Explains the Ocean Avenue Trim4Life Program

Franco Cavaleri Explains the Ocean Avenue Trim4Life Program

Franco Cavaleri, Chief Science Officer of Ocean Avenue, talks about the new Ocean Avenue Trim4Life Program.  It can help you lose a few pounds, or 50 pounds or more depending on what you are looking for.  Combined with a simple exercise program like walking 3x a week, the Trim4Life program is a weight loss or weight management system designed to help build immunity and reduce inflammation.

Testimonials For the Ocean Avenue Shakes and Products

Ocean Avenue Empower Testimonial - Kelly Adams, Horse Trainer and Brick Layer, Canada

"I have always had what you might call 'hurty feet'.  There has never been a time where my feet didn't ache.  Since I started taking Ocean Avenue's Empower, my feet feel so much better!  They actually don't hurt!  I also have a problem called essential tremor where my hands shake constantly.  Ocean Avenue's Focus Energy helps control my hand shaking so that I can put on mascara.  I'm thrilled!" - Evelyn Jeffries

"I thought I had my Adrenal Fatigue under control this last year, but then I started a new workout program. I found that after the workout I would have all of this energy, and then totally crash! Overdoing the workouts, I didn't realize was triggering an adrenal crash. Welcome to my life Invigorate, and WheySmart! This has been the best support to my adrenals. Green tea supports the adrenal glands to help reduce stress.... didn't I hear that somewhere before? I am in love with this combo!" - Barbara Christensen,

"I have had arthritis in my thumbs since I was six years old. Recently, after the birth of my second child, it had gotten so bad that I had to give up the things that I love specifically quilting and crochet. After using only the WheySmart I have been able to crochet to my hearts content with no pain at all! It's truly miraculous!!" - Rebecca Yates 

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