Gratitude Journal: January 13, 2013

This is a terrible picture of me, however, it is also a landmark picture.  It was the moment that I was asked to be on a speaker panel for women in business.  I had five minutes notice.  It changed (once again) the course of my life.  2012 in general has been life changing in many ways.  I've been on one of those "Figure out what you want to be" quests.  I am cursed/blessed with a spirit that constantly requires growth, change, progression, and challenges.  I am incapable of just settling into a routine in life.  In some areas at least.  By the way, I was on this panel with two women who were Mrs. Utah.

1.  I am grateful that I was asked to get up be vulnerable when this picture was taken.

2.  I am grateful for where this moment has led me.

3.  I am grateful that in November 2010 when I had the impression to leave the company I had worked for two years to build that I did it.

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