Gratitude Journal: January 12, 2013

I grew up in an interesting family dynamic, especially in my particular culture.  In some ways it has made me an outsider, and in other ways it has made me feel more connected to many different people.  I don't have a core nuclear family and I live in a core nuclear family culture for the most part.  These are two of my three sisters.  The three of us in this picture do not share the same two parents.  I am an oldest, middle, or only child depending on which of my sisters (or none) are in the room.  I spent my summers with my sisters in Utah and my winters with my mom in Arizona.  

All three of us are writers.  All three of us went to the same college.  All three of us studied English (one minor, two Masters).  We are all moms.  We all married our husbands within about 20 minutes of starting to date them.  Our oldest children are all boys.  Our second children are all girls.  We are all stay at home moms who have worked on the side...sometimes.  None of us like housekeeping.  We all lean towards feminism and cling to the traditional.

1 - I am grateful for sisters.  I love that we are different and the same.  

2 - I am grateful for summers in Utah, playing in ditches, climbing trees, watching MTV and Days of Our Lives, and popsicles.

3 - I am grateful for the best of both worlds.

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