Gratitude Journal: January 3, 2013

Gratitude Journal: January 3, 2013 

This is certainly helping me remember what year it is.  Today I made cabbage soup as part of our homeschool lesson.  We talked about nutrients and I taught my daughter how to cut up celery into small pieces.  We made a huge pot of it that I am going to put in freezer bags in servings so that I can pull some out daily and have a small bowl at lunch.  Combined with my Ocean Avenue Shakes and green smoothies I should be able to fight off any cold and flu that comes along.  Indeed, so far I have been exposed to everything over the Holidays, including the flu, and didn't get anything (neither did any member of my family).   

1 - I'm grateful for the immediate availability of fruits and vegetables.  I'm also grateful that I know how to grow them.

2 - I'm grateful that I get to spend time with my children throughout the day.

3 - I'm grateful that I archived my entire email inbox and moving forward will "Do, Delete, or Delegate"!

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