Gratitude Journal: January 4, 2013

This weekend I am a Kim Flynn's Product, Customer Service, and Finance Academy.  I am with 20 of the most amazing women I personally know.  There is a lot of chocolate and any resolutions are out the window at the moment.  Oh well.  Coaching with Kim this past year has been one of the best decisions of my life for personal and professional development.  I feel like I have gotten an MBA in business - but with a specific focus for women. 

1 - I'm grateful to have friends who are supportive every day without judgment when it comes to my huge failures and successes in my business.

2 - I'm grateful that I have a husband who is a huge support to me, and even came up to the retreat to make us all homemade pizza.

3 - I'm grateful that I got my husband a juicer for his birthday to combat all of the crap I have eaten this weekend at the academy retreat.

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