Gratitude Journal: January 7, 3013

After a weekend of utter gluttony and chocolate, I am committed to spending the next two weeks detoxing a bit.  I vowed to myself that I would never officially "diet" again, but just make adjustments as I need to.  In this case, that means going back to green smoothies and salads, but I got my husband a juicer for his birthday so we are having fun with that, and he also got an immersion blender and has a hankering for making a bunch of soups to try out.  I figure those four food groups include a lot of healthy foods so if I can keep chocolate off the menu that should help a bit.  

1 - I am grateful that I have made a vow to myself to never "diet" again and just live my life and make adjustments.

2 - I am grateful that we are small appliance collectors (and junkies) to support my weird eating habits.

3 - I am grateful to come home and snuggle my hubby and my kids and take a four hour nap after an intense weekend.

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