Gratitude Journal: January 6, 2013

I have some very entertaining friends in this world, but none are more entertaining than the friends that I have from being part of Kim Flynn's Team Elite this year.  I was pondering last night how a year ago I really had no plan in place at all for what I wanted to do - other than I knew I wanted to do interesting things and serve others.  Now here I am with mad skills, about 7 business ideas daily, working with Kim Flynn Consulting, The Women's Information Network, a founding ambassador with Ocean Avenue, with an incredible team that is building quickly....and a group of friends that are all working toward the same goal of building businesses that serve others.  

1 - I am grateful for the confidence I have built by working with incredible women in business.

2 - I am grateful that my family supports me in my crazy endeavors.

3 - I am grateful that my hair isn't pink.

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