Ocean Avenue Announces the Trim for Life Program

Ocean Avenue Announces the Trim4Life Program

Ocean Avenue has announced that the Trim4Life Program will start Monday, January 14, 2013.  This is a 60 day challenge to reset your metabolism, build lean muscle, and change your eating habits.  The contest will be run by Franco Cavaleri, Chief Science Officer of Ocean Avenue, and a Mr. North America Bodybuilding Champion.  

Trim4Life uses the products that allowed Franco Cavaleri to achieve his fitness and body building goals. He uses this same system NOW to stay healthy.

Heidi Totten Interviews Franco Cavaleri - Chief Science Officer at Ocean Avenue
There are Two Basic Systems and Programs you can follow:

Trim60 - helps lose weight using Invigorate and Wheysmart

* Ocean Avenue Invigorate - improves mindset and metabolic efficiency and seratonin levels. Seratonin is linked to our addiction to carbohydrates. It is not a stimulant and does not compromise health. It also improves insulin efficiency. When we lose insulin efficiency with age, the body is not able to regulate calories and we crave more carbs. Invigorate also helps with thermogenic activity to help you burn calories the way you did when you were younger. Without stimulating heartrate or increasing blood pressure. There are many people who worked with Franco to hone these products in the early years when they were developed.

*Ocean Avenue Wheysmart is a product that Franco designed as a meal alternative. When we are making the wrong food choices, we typically choose the high glycemic, high carb foods. It is made up of 3 protein sources that improves the body's ability to burn fat. It also supplies multiple fiber sources that allow your body to process the fiber at a slower rate. It includes greens - we usually don't eat enough greens during the day, so we get nutrient-deficiency cravings. When our bodies are given the right foods, we don't crave the wrong foods!

Life60 System - Based on Empower and Wheybeyond

*Ocean Avenue Empower - This is a powerful anti-inflammatory and weight management system. When we have inflammation, it interferes with our ability to burn fat.

*Ocean Avenue Wheybeyond improves the protein and amino acids in your diet and in your body. It helps control your appetite. Together, Empower and Wheybeyond improves your LEAN muscle mass, which helps you to lose weight.

These systems can be used together or independently. The protocol for people to join the contest will be written out and available in your Ocean Avenue back office, or follow along on this blog. You will also get some support from Franco with sample days that show how the products are incorporated into the day, as well as foods to choose along with it (woot!). He is also doing a video blog that will answer questions and guide you along the way. Yay! I recommended that they do this. :) Franco has worked with different metabolisms and challenges. The strategies include IMPROVE MINDSET, and lower the glycemic load and high carbs.

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