Ocean Avenue Shakes: Challenge Day 60

These two amazing products will make up the new 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge from Ocean Avenue.  Want some details? 

WHEYSMART is a delicious naturally flavored vanilla-bean smoothie mix that delivers optimal results for weight management and nutrient delivery.

WHEYSMART can be used as a meal supplement, and is designed to offset the poor food choices we are forced to make in our fast paced lifestyles. WHEYSMART does not include carbohydrate sources, which tend to be over-consumed today by young and old, and is free of artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Natural, WHEYSMART smoothies are great for the entire family. WHEYSMART comes from multiple protein sources carefully proportioned to offer a complete essential amino acid profile for maximum health.

The unique fiber component in WHEYSMART is also derived from multiple fiber sources to best emulate real food, helping support appetite and blood sugar controls while offering a high payload of soluble fiber for prebiotic and immune system support.

WHEYSMART supports reliable carbohydrate availability for powerful brain function and physical performance. It also supplies green foods like spirullina, kelp, dandelion and chlorella to deliver a natural source of vitamins, minerals and pH neutralizing plant food.

WHEYSMART and INVIGORATE combine to create a powerful weight management system.
  • Natural Source of Vitamins, Minerals and Greens
  • Provides Vital Nutrients for All Ages
  • Valuable Source of Amino Acids
  • Sustains Feelings of Fullness
  • Gluten Friendly and less than 1% Lactose
The combination pack for the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge launches in just a few days!  Stay tuned!

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