Shakeology Price Increase Affects Customers

Shakeology Price Increase Affects Customers

Many Beachbody Coaches are losing customers due to the Shakeology price increase.  Beachbody has increased the price of their regular Chocolate and Greenberry for three reasons:  1) To Counteract the rising costs of fuel.  2) To continue to offer free shipping if you are on Home Direct (Argument here - you are now paying for shipping!) and 3) To preserve the quality of Shakeology.  I mentioned last week that I decided to quit as a Beachbody Coach, and since then have had several people reach out to me from Beachbody to discuss Ocean Avenue, since WheySmart is about half the cost if you join as an Ocean Avenue Ambassador.  They are also interested in the fact that Ocean Avenue is open in 8 countries, where Beachbody is only available in two.  Ocean Avenue is also attracting Visalus distributors because the Ocean Avenue Shakes do not contain soy protein and the Trim4Life program is about $100 less than the Visalus Transformation Kit.  Price seems to be a growing factor when people are choosing a network marketing company to promote.  Ocean Avenue is still in pre-launch, and their compensation plan allows for 10 different ways to make money.  

Join Ocean Avenue for $49 as an Ambassador or Wholesale Customer

There are two ways to join Ocean Avenue - as an Ambassador, where you have the opportunity to build and train a team, or as a Wholesale Customer, where you can get the wholesale price and sell to customers without building a team.  Both programs include the 3x Free, where you can get your own product for free if you have customers purchasing 3x your monthly volume. 

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