Why I Quit As a Beachbody Coach

Why I Quit As a Beachbody Coach

For the past year I have been a huge advocate for Beachbody.  I have loved Shakeology since it was released in 2009.  I love the workouts.  I loved the energy of the company.  I loved meeting such great people and getting trained.  And then...they changed the formula.  Last summer they messed with chocolate Shakeology and to me it tasted like chocolate flavored windex.  Apparently, I wasn't the only person who felt that way.  A few months later they changed the formula...again.  About the same time I was introduced to Ocean Avenue.  I liked the opportunity, the incentives (trips for your whole family and not just party cruises), and especially the leadership.  I liked the fact that I could join in pre-launch, but that the compensation plan was beneficial for anyone at any level.  I also liked that Ocean Avenue Shakes had half the calories, 1 gram of sugar (instead of 9), 4 grams of carbs (instead of 17) and undenatured whey instead of whey protein isolate.  I also liked that it had a couple of superfoods (chlorella and spirulina) but didn't overwhelm my system.  And honestly - the Vanilla Bean flavor of WheySmart is just awesome.

Oh yeah, I also like the fact that it is half the price.  And since Beachbody is INCREASING the price of Shakeology by $10, I am really happy that I made the switch.  Since then, my team has grown to almost 40 people.  I have made more in commissions than the entire year I was in Beachbody, and I have lost weight.  Do I still love Beachbody workouts?  Sure.  However, I have my library built up and that is enough for me right now.

Ocean Avenue Shakes vs. Other Protein Shakes

I love protein shakes, but what I do not love is the gritty taste that comes from plant protein shakes.  What works for me is the combination of the undenatured whey protein and pea protein.  There is nothing gritty about the Ocean Avenue WheySmart Shakes.  In fact, they are the perfect flavor to mix with frozen fruit AND greens.  They are sweetened with Stevia and they don't have all of the fillers and garbage that come with other shakes.  I also love the other Ocean Avenue ProductsInvigorate has really helped with weight loss in combination with the WheySmart.  WheyBeyond is a recovery shake that is berry flavored that is really helping my husband with building lean muscle mass.  Empower is a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement that has made a huge difference with friends and family who have arthritis, knee pain, joint pain, back pain, and even Multiple Sclerosis!  And finally, Focus Energy really helps me when I need to have energy and stay focused and calm at the same time.  It has helped my mom with her essential tremor, and is FANTASTIC for staying awake without jitters or crashes on road trips. 

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