Introducing the Ocean Avenue Shakes and Products

WheySmart - At 70 calories per serving and no sugar (sweetened with Stevia), WheySmart is the perfect addition to your green smoothie. It is made with undenatured whey, which has far less processing than whey concentrate. It also has chlorella and spirulina, two supergreens that really help with immunity. Barbara Christensen has talked a great deal about undenatured whey. Oh, and the Vanilla Bean flavor is awesome! I'm pretty sure that Tina Hill is now taking WheySmart intravenously. :)

Invigorate - Invigorate combined with WheySmart is a powerful weight loss system. Invigorate also helps to stabilize blood sugar and is a natural anti-depressant. Invigorate really helps me as an appetite suppressant!

WheyBeyond - An incredible recovery shake for your workout, WheyBeyond is a revolutionary nutritional supplement with double the ORAC antioxidant value of any superfruit on earth. Ryan Ninow did his own challenge with WheyBeyond and loves to show off his abs now. :)

Empower - The KING of the Ocean Avenue products, Empower is a powerful anti-inflammatory that has helped with everything from joint pain to fibromyalgia to spine injuries. Heidi Stingl Adams's husband has had great success with Empower, and he is a bricklayer and a horse trainer!

Focus - Focus is designed to give you an infusion of B vitamins that help you to have six hours of...focus! Our team has used Focus in a variety of ways - road trips, projects, and pre-workout energy. When you take Focus half an hour before your workout, you start burning fat right away.

On top of all that, if you join Ocean Avenue as an Ambassador or a Wholesale Customer, you earn points for free vacations. Oh yes, and you also get a free account with Shine Brite Kids, a values based website for kids!

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