Ocean Avenue Sees 52% Growth in March 2013

Ocean Avenue Sees 52% Growth in March 2013

Ocean Avenue has seen a 52% growth in March 2013.  They are still in pre-launch with six months to go until their official launch!  I can't believe what I have seen with this company over the past six months since I joined.  I have heard Ocean Avenue testimonial after testimonial about the products.  The company is family focused and their convention in September will be a family convention!  When you sign up as an Ambassador, you get a free membership with Shine Brite Kids.  And the compensation plan includes 10 ways to earn money!

1. Retail Commissions

When a customer buys a product at the retail price, you will be paid the retail profits as part of your weekly commission check.

2. Wholesale Commissions

You can enjoy between 5% and 15% of the total of all your customer orders.

3. Fast Start Bonus

A 10% cash bonus, added to your weekly commission check, on any qualifying initial order of your personally enrolled Ocean Avenue Ambassadors.

4. Ocean Team Commissions

Earn up to 20% on the sales volume of the Pay Leg to an unlimited depth.

5. Unilevel Bonus

Receive bonuses each month from product orders generated in your organization down to nine (9) levels deep.

6. Unilevel Matching Bonus

Earn matching bonuses of up to 20% on the Unilevel bonus of your personally sponsored Ambassadors. Plus, earn up to 10% matching bonuses on up to three (3) additional levels.

7. Generational Leadership Bonus

Develop new Pearl Ambassadors and get paid down to as many as four (4) generations of Pearl Ambassadors and above.

Additional Bonuses & Rewards:

3xFree Program

Our 3xFree program gives you the opportunity to get your products for free!
Ocean Avenue Vacation Club

Vacation points are accrued through various business activities and customer sales—this is a reward program, not compensation!

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