Ocean Avenue Waverunners Launch "Commit to the Kit"!

Ocean Avenue Waverunners Launch "Commit to the Kit"!

My Ocean Avenue team, the Waverunners, are making a commitment to help people lose weight and regain their health.  Some people have the ability to just eat less and exercise more and the weight drops.  Other people need help.  Franco Cavaleri has spent his life researching and creating products that will help with that, and not only have we made the commitment, but Franco himself is helping people via his blog. 

At the beginning of the year, Ocean Avenue created a challenge for Ambassadors.  The weight loss for people who have followed the program has been staggering!  Pamela lost 79 lbs in 60 days and her health stats are phenomenal.  Her blood sugars and blood pressure have stabilized and she GOT OUT OF A WHEELCHAIR.  All from using Ocean Avenue WheySmart and Invigorate, which are the two products that make up the Trim4Life Kit. 

If you are one of those people who need the extra help and support, come join our group!  We have a certified personal nutritionist and trainer who is running our challenge for summer. 

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