Homeschool Find: Simon Basher Books

Homeschool Find:  Simon Basher Books

My son randomly chose a library book that has been a great deal of fun for us in our Science club.  It is called Planet Earth by Simon Basher.  I did a search and discovered that he has created about 15 books on different topics for kids, and here's the cool part - I am learning right along with them!  I put them all in my shopping cart and am planning on getting a few each month.  They are very inexpensive and are ideal for us to take along with us for car reading.  Plus we can read them to each other, because each section is a short page.  For example:

Planet Earth - Contents

Earth - this includes information on Core, Mantle, Crust, Plates, Hot Spots, Earthquakes, Volcanos, Rocks, Minerals, and Fossil Fuels
Going Global - includes Longitude, Latitude, Equator, Tropics, Poles
Landlubbers - includes Continents, Mountain Range, Plateaus, Rift Valley, Peninsula, Island, Coast
Wet!  Wet!  Wet! - includes Water, Rivers, Delta, Lake, Ocean, Tide, Glacier, Icecap, Erosion
Weather Gang - includes Weather, Climate, Atmosphere, Front, Seasons, Sunshine, Water Cycle, Precipitation, Cloud, Wind, Hurricane, Drought, Flood, El Nino, Greenhouse Effect, Climate Change

You get the picture - there is even more!  So basically it becomes a fun way to learn about the Planet Earth that is non-threatening and non-boring. 

I ordered six of them with my Amazon points - and will do additional reviews.  But so far - I'm hooked!

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