Ocean Avenue Review: Finding My Ocean

Ocean Avenue Review:  Finding My Ocean

When I joined Ocean Avenue last Fall, the theme was Find Your Ocean.  I've been thinking about that ever since.  I'm pretty grateful for the experiences that I have had with Ocean Avenue, from earning enough points for a free vacation for my family, to having better skin.  But still, I wondered what it meant to me to Find My Ocean.   I'm honestly not a beach person.  I love the ocean and the water, but I am not a fan of sand in general.  I would rather sit on top of a mountain looking at the ocean like the Oregon Coast, or...Greece.  I really really want to go to Greece.  Particularly on a cruise around the Mediterranean.  Pristine water is my ocean.  It just amazes me that I have been able to earn a free cruise by selling what I already believe to be amazing products.  I love it not just because of the Ocean Avenue products, but because of the lifestyle, and that the lifestyle centers around the family.  There is so much energy and love and hope and courage associated with this company.  I have seen lives changed and people moved to tears...and not only because they have lost weight.  Freedom from chronic pain is a powerful motivator.  

After 9 months with Ocean Avenue I have found my ocean.  I'm excited to ride this wave and see where it takes me.  I'm excited by my team and how it is growing and leaders are showing up.  And most of all, I'm excited to go on a free vacation!

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