Review of Ideal LifeVision with Ann Webb

Review of Ideal Life Vision with Ann Webb

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend an Ideal LifeVision workshop put on by Ann Webb.  First off, let me just say that Ann had me at hello.  I met her last Fall at a Kim Flynn Academy where she was a mock "Shark Tank" investor for a challenge that we did.  We had to build out a company in 10 hours.  It was crazy and exhausting, but I still stayed up until 2am so I could hang out and get to know Ann.  We've been friends ever since and finally in June I was able to go to her Ideal LifeVision workshop that I had been really wanting to do.  I have to start off by saying that while Ideal LifeVision sounds "Woo Woo", it isn't.  It's a very detailed goal setting technique that works.  And it works because you record your voice saying your Ideal LifeVision with baroque music in the background.  Baroque music has been proven as accelerated learning music.  As Ann puts it, "The voice you believe more than any other voice, and the voice you HEAR in your life more than any other voice is your own."  So listening to YOU state your goals in first person as if they have happened is quite powerful.

As I spent the day at her house building out my Ideal LifeVision in the areas of Spiritual, Relationships, Health, Business, Financial, and Personal Development, I could see how being very clear on what you want out of life and then listening to it daily would make a huge difference in what I could accomplish.  And as I have listened, read, and continued to develop it, I have been amazed at how I am open to opportunities and see connections like I never have before.   And the best part is that because I record it in different sections, as things happen I can just update the different areas on an as needed basis.  So I can always stay current in my goals.  

Ann is going to start doing more monthly webinars and teleseminars so I will share them here!  In the meantime, if you can't attend a workshop because you don't live close by, you CAN do the program online!  Just click here - Ideal LifeVision - and get started!

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