Mean Moms Make Great Kids and Other Moving Tales

Mean Moms Make Great Kids and Other Moving Tales

We are packing up and moving and therefore it has been a requirement to make the kids do a lot of work.  This week I had my bestie's kids so I made them work, too.  Work so hard, in fact, that they were panting and complaining that they were too weak to go on (after 15 minutes).  I told them to dig deep and find the fire to serve in their bellies and then I told them if they got all of the #10 cans moved from the basement to the garage that I would get them Subway for lunch.  That lit the fire and voila!  208 cans of dried beans and wheat now grace the walls of the garage in anticipation of being moved around the corner to a friend's basement for storage.  

I remember growing up in the summer we had "the white board".  The white board hung in the kitchen, and every day we awoke our personalized list of what needed to be done for chores.  There were at least 27 things on everyone's list.  After slaving away we finally had the opportunity to collapse in front of the TV (with NO VCR) and watch Days of Our Lives or MTV.  We had discriminating taste in TV watching in those days.  After a frozen pizza or bean with bacon soup, some popsicles, and a diet coke or two, we would sometimes create an adventure in the backyard.  It could include climbing cherry trees or playing Army in the run down shacks.  Sometimes we would wade in the algae-filled ditch with the irrigation water.  At night we just simply roamed the neighborhood.  

As I am packing up I am finding old gems like the notebook in this picture.  This went back and forth between Monica V. and I throughout high school and we would write our notes to each other in it.  That eliminated the time wasting folded note method, and teachers didn't catch us because they just thought that it was a notebook.  I am sure that this notebook contains a great deal of blackmail information.  Not really - who needs to blackmail after 23 years?  Nope, not me. 

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