What Are the Symptoms of Celiac Disease?

What Are the Symptoms of Celiac Disease?

Last night as I went to bed with tears in my eyes for no reason (yet, again) I wondered what on earth is wrong with me.  For the past six months I have been having pre-menopause symptoms (I'm only 41) and I literally forget words at the drop of a hat.  I'm tired even after a full night of sleep and even thought I eat the same as ever (plant-based) other than Sunday night dinner I am all over the place with my weight.  So imagine my surprise when I jumped on Rawganic Vegan and saw this little infographic.*  Hmmmm.  Before I stopped eating meat, I tried gluten free for a few months and felt a lot better.  Maybe I should think about that.  

Let me clarify - there is nothing more isolating for me than to have to be at family gatherings and events and have to pick and choose food based on all of these weird issues that I have.  I want to just dig in like everyone else and not worry about it.  The problem is - I pay for it big time the next day in a variety of ways.  So I may as well suck it up and figure it out and learn to live with it, right?  Raw/Vegan/GlutenFree - in a nutshell, if a natural disaster happens I am up a creek without a paddle.  Good thing we have a lot of dried beans and rice in our food storage.  I will probably survive on it.

Actually, it isn't THAT difficult to live like this at home - just time consuming.  I fell out of love with cooking a while ago when I actually stopped cooking and started assembling.  If I could just drink smoothies and eat salads and not get bored I would probably do that.  But my kids would stage a revolt and no one would be happy.  My husband started a rice and beans series that we all love, but I can see where that won't last forever.  I even hired an incredible raw/vegan health coach to inspire me.  I was inspired, and I want her to move in and assemble for me.  Her raw treats are fantastic and I don't feel guilty eating them.  I just don't want to make them.  Actually, I just sent her a message that said this:

I have an idea.
How about once or twice a month once you get moved into your new house, I will come over and we will work on your website/funnel/marketing and make me a bunch of a raw treats together. I will coach you in all things technical and you will motivate me in all things health and then we can play, too.
I sure hope she takes me up on that.  She is convinced that if I really stick to raw foods as much as possible that I will heal my body of all sorts of things going on.  I know she is right. 

*Infographic originally from www.glutendude.com.

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