Top Ten Things I Want to Make (But Probably Won't)

Top Ten Things I Want to Make (But Probably Won't)

Several years ago before Pinterest exploded, I decided that I wanted built in bookshelves.  I enlisted the help of my woodworking brother-in-law, who created the pattern for these shelves for my husband to build.  He got started...and then stopped.  And then started.  Then stopped.  Finally after two years we re-enlisted the help of the woodworking brother-in-law who finished them.  

Last week I painted them.  All in all - a 2 1/2 year project.  Our next door neighbors finished theirs in two weeks.  That's all I have to say about that!

Major projects like this are life tests.  So is Pinterest.  It's a test to see if I will someday actually create the things on my "Things I Want to Do" board or "Crafts for Kids".  Don't get me started on "Organizing".  Rather than dwell, I decided to put together my Top Ten Things I Want to Make post, knowing that I probably won't.  Maybe this will inspire me.  

1.  Homemade Laundry Soap

Last week when we were in a mad rush to get our house ready to put on the market, I looked up homemade carpet cleaner in desperation.  There were five ingredients.  Maybe six.  So I threw it together and was thrilled with the results!  I'm kinda one of those people who tries to stick to recipes, no matter what they are, with five ingredients or less.  This laundry soap has six and I will never put vinyl "Laundry" on the jar, but I might take a crack at it.  

2.  Mama & Me Journal

This I might actually do, without the label being that cute.  Okay, maybe I will make it that cute.  Since I homeschool, this would be a cool way to get my kids to work on their writing.  I could ask them questions or write stories for them to read.  Something fun like that.  It would be fun to go back and read them later when they are all grown up and making their own laundry soap.

3.  Floor Cushioned Reading Nook

Oh how I wish that I was patient enough to create this cushion, but here is the deal:  I doubt I would sit on it and read.  I'm more likely to recline on a comfy couch (that someone else makes) or my bed to read.  That being said, I love the book nook idea.  In the house that we hope to move into we are creating a guest space in the walkout basement and it would be fun to have something like this on the wall instead of a boring old bookshelf.  Maybe with self-help books, or books written by my author friends.  

4.  Chore Chart

Around here, chores get done because we mostly just holler at kid one or kid two to do something.  In a nice way that isn't at all threatening, of course.  I'm debating whether my kids are too old for something like this (7 and 10) or if they would roll their eyes.  Then I stop and debate if I would follow through on it.  If I took the time to make it, would I keep up with it?  I'm really not much of a planning and organizing mom.  I tried the first few years and then my actual personality of spontaneity kicked in and routines sort of flew out the window.  More to ponder on this.

5.  Laid Back Lounge Pants

I must confess, I am a pajama pants lover.  In fact, I have a certain age in my head and when I hit it, it is nothing but chocolate and pajama pants for the rest of the ride.  I'm pretty serious about this.  Fortunately, my 7 year old daughter is taking a sewing class right now.  I'm waiting to spring this pattern on her and get her making my clothes instead of the other way around. 

6.  Once a Month Freezer Meals

There is actually a chance that I could start doing this sort of thing.  I know my family would appreciate it after the past several years of...not cooking.  I mean, seriously - it's $8 a month, but if I actually implemented it I would save time and money and they have a vegetarian list.  Really?  When did I pin this and why haven't I followed through?  I could do this as a homeschool project and we would literally be able to eat healthy stuff for the rest of our lives!*

*All of this is theoretical. 

7.  Twin Bed Porch Swing

Okay, now we are getting serious because I am SO going to do this in my new house.  In fact, I have a big old porch to fill and something like this is perfect.  I love how colorful it is, too.  I would be in danger of lying on it all day and reading.  The world would go by.  The freezer meals would stay frozen.  But, books would be read.

8.  Frozen Peach Lemonade

I have to have something to drink while reading on the twin bed porch swing.  This could very well be THE perfect solution.  Sans alcohol, of course.  Let's not get too crazy.  I might throw in a drop of lime oil or lemon oil just to make it interesting.  I might even invite people over to share it as long as they didn't mind watching me read.

9.  T-shirt Quilt

I have literally been saving t-shirts since high school to someday do this.  In fact, as I packed up my house, I toyed with the idea of just throwing them out and just in case I someday make one of these.  Someday.  I'm 41.  Which means I am really middle aged.  Which gives me many more years to collect t-shirts for quilts.  On a scale of 0 to 10, I'm at about a 2 with this one.

10.  Lighted Ribbon Garland

Wait a second...maybe I should just use the t-shirts for this!  Except nah...couldn't see the cool logos and stuff.  I have to say that I love this, though.  Especially because I could do one for different seasons and everyone would ooooh and ahhhh at my creativity.  Imagine - a Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas garland.  Seven garlands of really long lights for the kids to tie ribbon scraps on.  That could keep them occupied for hours and they wouldn't bug me while I was reading and rocking on my porch swing while drinking frozen peach lemonade in my lounge pants as my frozen meals thaw....

I may just get on this Pinterest thing after all.

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