Top Ten Up and Coming Women Entrepreneurs in Utah in 2013

Top Ten Up and Coming Women Entrepreneurs in Utah

While we are in the process of selling our house and moving into a new house and getting through the Holidays and getting our homeschooling organized, I am doing some consulting for a few different entrepreneurs who just want to get some projects off of their plates.  I love it!  It is such a great feeling knowing that I am doing my part to help people move forward, and still having the time to get all of the things done that I need to.  I decided that I wanted to showcase some of my entrepreneur friends in Utah who are working hard to build their business with blood, sweat, tears, and a great deal of faith!

Melissa Bamfo - Business Energy Expert

I have known Melissa Bamfo for the past year and have been so impressed with all of the changes she has made in order to follow her dreams.  Melissa is a single mom with a great deal of passion for helping people to get past their fears in business so that they can have success!

Check her out at

Natalee Cole - Natalee Cole Photography

Natalee's story is one of literally shaking up everything in her life over a one year period to emerge a butterfly!  Not only is she a fantastic photographer, but she has allowed her trials to refine her and teach her to love and BE loved.  She has incredible passion and compassion for those who are experiencing life's trials.

Check her out on Facebook!

Erin Mathie - Academic Advancement

Erin is the CEO of Academic Advancement, an in home tutoring company in Utah County.  That being said, over the past year she has realized that what she really wants to do is mentor women in business!  She is extremely organized with a sharp mind and wit.  She is hosting a Homework Bonding Seminar for families in Utah County in October.  Check it out!

Michelle Smith - Marketing 2 Marriage

I was there when Michelle had the brilliant idea to create an entire business teaching people who are single (and want to get married) that they may just want to evaluate how they are marketing themselves!  Since then, she has launched her vision and is helping people to get off the hamster wheel of dating and start attracting the right people.  I wish I had had this program when I was single!

Check it out at

Nathalie Bowman - There is Joy

As a mother of 8 who homeschools AND is CEO of her own business, Nathalie Bowman is pretty darn experienced when it comes to balance...and creating joy!  She is on a mission to help families to heal and overcome challenges.  Her first big event is called Living Love, and she is overcoming her own challenges and fears to play bigger and help more people in her business!

Check out Nathalie at

Adhis Boucha - New Money Mama

Adhis is a strong and passionate woman who has taken on the roll of teaching families how to create money and freedom in their lives!  Her own story is one of triumph over adversity.  She is a dynamic and honest speaker and mentor.  You can sign up for a 30 minute strategy session to find out if Adhis is the right person for you to work with!

Becky Mackintosh - Becky Mack's Life Lessons

You have never met a kinder and more compassionate soul than Becky!  As the mother of 7 children, mostly raised, she has been through it all.  Becky and her husband, Scott Mackintosh, recently had their lives catapulted into the spotlight when Scott decided to teach their daughter about her worth.  As a result, Becky is sharing her experiences raising teens!

Check out her new website!

Joanie Tester - Ideal Life Solutions

Joanie is a mentor for women who want to live their ideal life!  A mother of five girls, she is passionate about helping women achieve their dreams - financially, spiritually, and in their relationships.  Joanie is a certified Ideal Life Vision coach and she teaches classes using essential oils.  She is kind, compassionate, and loves to have fun!

Suzy Gustafson - SGTravel One, Inc.

Suzy has quietly built a travel agency from the ground up for the past several years and is in the process of a HUGE way!  She is launching her dream of helping entrepreneurs create incredible vacations and training for their clients.  Her customer service and work ethic have helped her to create amazing relationships and connections around the world.  Fun fact - the majority of her family lives outside of the U.S. and she was born in Africa!

To talk to Suzy about group travel and cruises, call 1-800-808-9561.

Cynthia Gough - Art by Cynthia Gough

Cynthia is a mother of three with one on the way who creates art that inspires us to remember our divinity.  In fact, I recently won one of her oil paintings at a silent auction for Kim Flynn's Great Gatsby Charity Fundraiser!  
Check out Cynthia's portfolio at

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