Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Hashimoto's...Oh My


Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Hashimoto's...Oh My

Whether you have Bipolar Disorder, Depression, or just plain crankiness, what I am about to share with you could really change your life.  I just finished reading A Promise of Hope: The Astonishing True Story of a Woman Afflicted With Bipolar Disorder and the Miraculous Treatment That Cured Her.  I bought the book because of the article that I posted about the father that found a natural remedy for mood disorders.  I have been using EMpowerplus Q96 for the past two months and have recommended it to every friend I have who is going through any sort of mid-life crisis.  Especially if that mid-life crisis has involved mood swings and depression.  I have never been diagnosed with depression, nor have I really worried about it.  Up until about a year ago I just operated under the assumption that depression could be fought with exercise.  Sure, I knew people who had been diagnosed with depression, but I didn't really understand it so I just sort of ignored it.  Sad, but true.  I just figured it was something that people eventually "got over". 

Then my husband was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease and part of it includes mood swings.  Sometimes pretty scary mood swings that include yelling.  My normally sweet and mellow husband was not himself, and his thyroid meds helped a little bit, but only when he remembered to take it.  My friend Stacie told me about Tony Stephan's story, not knowing that I had been dealing with my own mood swings.  I would have episodes where I just needed to sleep for long periods of time and not have to face anything.  I would start crying over my kids' rooms being messy and would go into a rage over it.  Then I would feel guilty and try to avoid the fear in my childrens' eyes.  I never physically hurt them, but I knew that I was emotionally a mess.  And we were facing a huge move into a new house.  I read the article a few times and decided that although I would never consider myself bipolar, I probably was dealing with depression in some form.  I ordered the supplements and my husband and I both started taking them.  

What a DIFFERENCE!  Things that would normally send either or both of us into a tailspin, were actually manageable.  We were able to make rational decisions based on logic and not just stress or emotion.  I felt love and hope again - after only two days of taking them!  What I realized was that it really is true that someone can have a mood disorder and not be able to really acknowledge it.  

I started telling a few friends about EMPowerplus Q96.  One friend has been a recovering drug addict for years.  He reported that he is actually calm, and playing with his kids again.  One friend said, "I didn't yell at my kids the five days leading up to my monthly period. I still cried, but I didn't yell."  Another friend just reported feeling more stable and calm over things that should have been stressful and a trigger.  

I have only been using it for two months, so my long term results haven't been determined, but we are heading into the seasonal depression months and I am grateful to be armed with something that will help.  I also love that these are vitamins and minerals - I'm a big advocate of micronutrients and how they make a difference.  Now I have my own proof!  

Scientific Studies Show Astonishing Breakthroughs in Mental Health

Journalists and scientists have called Tony’s micronutrient formula an astonishing breakthrough in mental health. This is significant because mood disorders and mental challenges fall across a broad spectrum from the severe illness like Tony’s children to those who are overwhelmed by the stresses in life to children who suffer from ADHD and autism. All of these can be ameliorated through the use of this supplement. This is not a small thing when reports suggest that 1 in 4 Americans are suffering from some kind of mental illness.

For those who simply want to have better brain fitness, EMPowerplus Q96 is also powerful.
What is impressive, especially for those for whom anecdotal evidence is never enough is the number of independent scientific studies  that verify that EMPowerplus Q96 can make a significant difference in mental health.

Forty-four researchers reporting in 22 medical journals on 20 studies (by next March there will be 27) have found the positive impact of these micronutrients on people with various kinds of mood disorders. An estimated $25 million dollars worth of research has been done on this product, all money and studies independent of the product itself.

Tony said that it is the most studied micronutrient in the world.

Journals reporting on the studies with the micronutrients include: Journal of Attention Disorders, New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Human Psychopharmacology. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, Journal of Anxiety Disorders, Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and many more.

Dr. Charles Popper, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist who has been affiliated with Harvard Medical School has been pursuing the study of micronutrients to treat mental disorder and suggests that we might end up redefining how we think of mental illness—and that would be a huge change.
Dr. Stephen Kimberly, editor of Web MD, is the chief science officer for QSciences that produces EMPowerplus Q96.

Who would have thought that such support would gather behind a father’s efforts that began merely as an effort to save his children?

Tony says, “We are on a journey of love. We are on a journey of mercy and compassion. We are restoring people to who they truly are and not what their brain chemistry has made them. Do you know how many people pray day and night that they can get their life back?”

Now they can. If you are interested in this product click here.

To see a list of the empirical studies done on this product click here.

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