The Happiness Challenge - A New Look at 2014

The Happiness Challenge - A New Look at 2014

 Happiness = Friends + Snow!

Today I went to church and we were given a new theme for the year.  It is simple and perfect.  In two words:  Be Happy.  

For the past several years I have gone back to the idea that instead of making a To Do list every day, I want to make a To Be list.  In fact, every time I do this, my day goes better and I get more done without even realizing it.  There is something to this.  That being said, I'm going to create my five item To Do list for 2014 right here and now.

1.  Stick to my daily scripture study.  How will I do this?  By BEING happy about waking up early to get it done.

Be Happy.

2.  Listen to my Ideal LifeVision as part of my daily routine.  I joined Ann Webb's $27 a month program in order to keep my To Be list current!  How will I do this?  I will show up for the trainings and focus on Ideal LifeVision being the one goal setting technique I use for 2014.  

Be compassionate (especially towards myself).

3.  Get to Lifetime Fitness 3x a week.  Let's face it - I could shoot for every day, but I'm going to be realistic this year.  3x a week is my minimum, and I may just go more often.  How will I stay the course on this?  I downloaded the Couch to 5k app and am going to go with my husband for our weekly dates.  

Be energetic!

4.  Use the Plug and Play system every week.  For the past couple of years I have been using Kim Flynn's Plug and Play system in order to run my life.  I've been better some months than others, but when I use the system I am more productive.  After reading this article today, I am more convinced that things will just go better in general for my whole family (especially while homeschooling) if I stick to the system. How will I do this?  

Be consistent. 

5.  My kids are old enough to start learning the value of service and hard work.  Since my husband and I (and now my mom since we all live together) are their teachers via homeschooling, we get to create those opportunities.  And bonus!  Then I get to serve as well.  In fact, thanks to my friend, Judy Helm Wright's advice, I am going to create a Service jar so that my kids can write down how they felt about the service they did throughout the year. 

Be an Example.

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